HACCP Accredited Termite and Pest Inspections and Treatments for Griffith Homes

Everything about the home you intend to buy and spend your retirement years in is exactly what you dreamed. The estate has a beautiful view, is spacious but not more than you can handle, and features original Craftsman architecture known for its natural building materials, mainly wood and brick. Despite immediately falling in love, you want to take precautions before investing and had a handover inspection performed. Most things came back clear, but the inspector’s report did indicate evidence of possible pest infestations. You’ll need a specialised termite treatment for your future Griffith home. You turn to Border Pest Control, long known for our pest inspections throughout Griffith. Our locally-owned business is fully licensed, and HACCP accredited and has gained an unparalleled reputation for detection, treatment, and long-lasting eradication of termites and other pests.

Exemplary Termite Treatments for Griffith

While it may be the case that the evidence your hand over inspector found was from the nuisance Dampwood termite if the structure is infested with subterranean termites the resulting damage can be extensive and irreparable. There is an 80% chance that any home in Australia is within striking distance of a termite colony, and climate conditions make termite attacks highly likely throughout the country.

Comprehensive termite inspection on a Griffith property investment is the smartest way to protect your funds and ensure that you are starting retirement on the right foot. You’ve saved all this time, don’t let it go to waste by sinking money into a beautiful, but hollow and extensively damaged house. If our inspection detects any infestation, our termite treatments in Griffith are preferred throughout the community for their professional application, minimal invasiveness and long-lasting effectiveness. We are confident that you will be so happy with our process for termite elimination, that you’ll call on our comprehensive scope of services including various pest inspections for Griffith homes and commercial spaces. Call us for practical solutions against ants, fleas, cockroaches, rodents and many more common vermin.

Long-Standing Exceptional Performance by Border Pest Control

Pest inspections in Griffith are performed by a team that combines 40+ years of pest elimination experience. Our reputation is built on consistent success and exceptional customer care. We maintain our success rates by staying on the cutting edge of the industry. We continually train our team in the latest technology, equipment, and products for the most effective pest eradication. We do our homework learning how the pests invading your properties nest, eat and behave and use this knowledge during pest and termite treatments across Griffith to wage targeted attacks against them.

Our customer care focuses on listening to your pest problems, observing it through inspections, then following through with practical and proven solutions. Our highly-qualified team is happy to provide options for treatment including the use of pet-friendly and low-ecological-impact chemicals, as well as tips for the prevention of future infestations. We offer after hours services and discounts for multiple service bookings. Once termite treatments to your Griffith home deem the structure pest-free, we’ll set you up with the necessary annual retreatments to provide continued defence for your new property. Welcome home.