For more detail on spider control

At Border Pest Control we pride ourselves on our service and technical experience.

We treat the full internal and external areas of your home, including the roof void and subfloor region (if applicable) to ensure maximum protection for you and your family.

Internal spot treatment to harbourage areas.
External treatment including:
* Outdoor Furniture
* Fences
* Standard garage or garden shed
* Clothes lines etc.

Roof Void
Subfloor (if applicable).

Professional Spider Service

from $242

For more on Termite Inspections

Border Pest Control offers a full standard timber pest inspection. We will use the most up-to-date equipment and provide you with a full written report on our findings.

We include recommendations on how to reduce the risk and susceptability of your home to potential termite attack. We also offer free advice on preventative termite treatments and management systems upon request.


Visual Standard Timber Pest Inspections include:
* Moisture Testing to wall cavities
* Acoustic testing of finishing timbers
* Visual inspection of roof void
* Conditions that can encourage termites
* Advice on managing the risks
* Inspection for condusive conditions
To all internal and external areas including outbuildings and site analysis.

Termite Inspections

from $198

More on Building and Pest Inspections

A comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection from highly experienced and qualified technicians, with full written reports that comply with the Australian Standards.

Border Pest Control is also Housesafe accredited.

Building and Pest Inspections

from $275

For more detail on Rodent Control

We have a variety of tools and equipment for the removal and control of any rodent or vermin infestations.

Rodent Services

from $165

For more on Ant Services

Black ants are always annoying in any kitchen. Border Pest Control can take care of your ant problem in a few simple steps to ensure your kitchen remains ant free.


from $165

More on Bee and Wasp Services

We always try preserve our bees, however sometimes this just isn't possible. Border Pest Control offers a comprehensive bee and wasp extermination service when preservation just isn't possible.

Bee and Wasp

from $121