Say Goodbye to Termites and Cockroaches with Pest Control in Wagga Wagga

When you got the letter informing you that you have inherited a property from a distant aunt who has just passed, you first felt sad not to have known her, yet excited to embark upon the adventures of a house-flipping project. Already established, you intend to turn the new property into an income generating opportunity. When you arrive to tour the property, you discover that your aunt had been a hermit and a hoarder and that the home showed visible signs of pest infestations throughout multiple rooms. A quick search for pest control in Wagga Wagga leads you to Border Pest Control, the regional leader in cockroach and termite control for Wagga Wagga homes.

Start with Termite Control at Your Wagga Wagga Inheritance

Border Pest Control is a popular local business supported by 50 years’ industry experience in pest management and eradication. We are an authority on comprehensive and long-lasting termite and cockroach control for Wagga Wagga domestic and commercial enterprises. Our reputation for speedy, reliable, practical, and efficient solutions for pest control in Wagga Wagga is earned by employing highly skilled pest controllers who are continually trained in removal techniques including pet-friendly and ecologically-minded remedies. Termite control for Wagga Wagga requires a quick and direct response that targets the colony and implements safeguards against future infestations. We apply the latest detection and removal equipment for termite control in Wagga Wagga and offer a $2 million termite assurance warranty.

Cockroach control in Wagga Wagga and in general is so difficult because cockroaches thrive everywhere and eat everything. These highly adaptable bugs multiply quickly and are great at hiding to avoid elimination. Like many problems, detailed understanding helps develop solutions that speak to the specific characteristics of an issue. Our solutions for cockroach control in Wagga Wagga account for the particular species of cockroach infestation and caters to their known behavioural patterns to eliminate them from your investment.

Border Pest Control Eradicates Your Pest Problems

Our services for pest control in Wagga Wagga address a wide-range of pest infestations from ants to rodents and everything in-between. Call us for prompt, services with exceptional customer support including after hours care. We are committed to supplying practical and long-lasting solutions to any pest problem in any setting. Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to give you tips for continued pest control at your Wagga Wagga property.

We can also schedule annual treatments as the best way to maintain a pest-free rental property. Our staff maintains food handler’s credentials keeping then versed on proper precautions to take when working in kitchens. Talk to us about your unique situation and how to get discounts when you book combined services. We’ll help you develop a long-term execution plan that systematically addresses all the pests taking refuge in your aunt’s home. Pest elimination is the first step towards a successful house flip and the booking of your first renters. At Border Pest Control, we believe listening and observing is the best route for achieving pest free results and look forward to assisting you on your house flipping journey.