Choose Border Pest Control for Pet Friendly Pest Control in Wagga Wagga

You hate to be the one to point fingers, but one of your clients has fleas. Your kennel has seen a dip in bookings recently, and online reviews indicate customers attributing their dogs’ sudden flea infestation to their stay at your pet resort. You need to hit reset using pet friendly pest control at your Wagga Wagga kennel. Border Pest Control protects your business interests by being the leader in pet friendly pest control in Wagga Wagga. We provide fast, reliable, comprehensive solutions implemented by our highly experienced and specially-trained pest eradication team. We’ll come out, assess your problem, and discuss practical options for initial extermination and how to keep your establishment pest free going forward.

Border Pest Control is a locally-owned business comprised of over 50 years’ industry experience in pet friendly pest control for Wagga Wagga’s benefit. We have developed an enviable reputation for our ability to identify and eliminate a broad range of pest problems. We’ve seen infestations of every kind and use that knowledge each day to help you achieve and maintain an environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable to inhabit. We provide a unique customer support experience that focuses on what we do best: listen, observe, and advise. We cover all pests from tiny termites to the largest rodents restoring homes and workplaces to their pest-free conditions using compounds that have low environmental impacts and provide pet friendly pest control to Wagga Wagga.