Mice, Rat, Rodent Control for Wagga Wagga

Whoever said all publicity is good publicity didn’t have a rat spotted in their dining room in the middle of dinner service. Mayhem ensued, customers ran screaming, and the health inspector was sent to check out the incident the next day. Now you need reliable rat control at your Wagga Wagga restaurant that understands how the species of rodents generally behave. Mice control throughout Wagga Wagga and Australia is based on the type of rodent being removed and how they respond to outdoor climate conditions. Ideally, a practical, easily maintainable system for rodent control available in Wagga Wagga will require minimal participation from you as the miniature beasts are not your favourite creatures. Border Pest Control offers comprehensive rodent control to Wagga Wagga businesses and homes. Our extensive experience gives us a wide range of options for mice control at your Wagga Wagga eatery.

Extensive Experience and Focussed Service at Border Pest Control

Border Pest Control is a local business with a long history and over 50 years’ combined experience providing exceptional rodent control to Wagga Wagga. Our team of pest eradication professionals participates in continual training to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest products and techniques used to address a myriad of pest problems. Our staff is fully licensed, HACCP accredited, knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about helping you optimise rat control in your Wagga Wagga restaurant. Call us for an inspection and assessment and discover discount opportunities when you book multiple services. We provide a simple three-part process that has put and kept us as the leaders in mice control throughout Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas. As no two places and situations are alike, we start by listening. Then we take the time to observe the problem in action, and finally, we suggest practical solutions to address the current problem and advise on how to avoid reoccurrence of the issue.

Rat and Mice Control Available in Wagga Wagga

We have established a reputation for speedy and reliable identification and eradication of pests by providing outstanding solutions including mice control to the Wagga Wagga community. We’ll start by identifying the species causing your problems which will illuminate their eating and nesting practices. For example, rat control in Wagga Wagga by Border Pest Control considers that rats are more neophobic than other rodents. They avoid unfamiliar objects and settings. This is probably why conventional traps that you have been laying down for months don’t seem to be making an impact. Meanwhile, the lack of rodent control at your Wagga Wagga food stop has allowed them to multiply, gain confidence, and grow desensitized to humans. Swift and total action must be taken to halt repopulation.

Our exceptional customer support provides for after hours services, allowing you to get the needed rat control for your Wagga Wagga food business. Our staff maintains active food-handlers’ certificates, and we utilise chemical tools with minimal environmental impact and are pet friendly - which is ideal for a food processing and serving business. We’ll do everything we can to get your restaurant up and running for business in a rodent-free environment. With a little time, the unfortunate debacle of the rat in the dining room will be a fleeting memory and sales will soar again.