Get Comprehensive Rodent Control for Mice and Rats in Griffith

Last month a group of patrons came rushing out of a theatre mid-screening demanding a refund. Unlike regular requests based on a distaste for the film shown, this group disgustedly reported that two of five had been bothered by some rodent during the viewing. One particularly horrified lass reports that the assumed rat tried to climb up her trouser leg. You paid out the refund, apologised, and gave them free tickets for their trouble. Since you have been focused on rat control in your Griffith movie theatre and have put down traps and poison just out of the sight of patrons. Your efforts appear futile as more patrons have asked for refunds and these experiences are beginning to show up in online reviews. The mice aren’t under control at your Griffith theatre, and you are losing the battle. Before the apparent infestation starts to take a chunk out of ticket sales, turn to Border Pest Control for comprehensive rodent control in Griffith.

Knowing Your Rodent is the First Step Towards Elimination

One of the most common mistakes made by well-intentioned homeowners and building maintenance workers is not realising the complex nuances of the rodent population. More than not recognising that mice are a different species than rats and not merely the word for “baby rat,” many don’t know that particular rodent species point to nesting, eating and behavioural habits that indicate the best approaches for their eradication. Therefore, mice control in Griffith is handled differently than rat control. Our Griffith location is well-versed in the populations of rodents found in this area and are continually trained and equipped with the latest technology, techniques, and products to achieve lasting rodent control at your Griffith business investment.

Our exceptional customer support includes after hours care allowing you to treat your property when patrons aren’t around. We start by listening, follow it up with observation, and then suggest and/or implement treatments designed to get rid of the specific pest. For instance, lack of success with mouse traps may indicate that you have rat, not mice, problems. Rats are neophobic; if they don’t know what something is, they are going to leave it alone over taking the risk of getting a piece of cheese or other tasty bait. Once eradication has been successful, and rodent control at your Griffith theatre is established, our dedicated pest eliminators will set you up with tips and typically annual booster treatments to keep your cinema pest free.

Excellence in Rat Control Throughout Griffith

At Border Pest Control, we set ourselves a cut above our competition through committed and continual education, training, and certification of our entire team on the latest in pest control tools and practices. We have developed a reputation for the detection, treatment, and elimination of a wide range of pests and offer discounts when you book multiple services together. Whether its ants, cockroaches, fleas, termites, or a need for mice control in Griffith, our highly-qualified team is ready to provide you with insightful advice and lasting solutions. In no time, your current rodent problem will be a distant memory.