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As superintendent of schools for the entire school district, you have the responsibility of ensuring that all facilities are up to code and safe for use. While all your schools easily pass inspections when it comes to building and fire codes, your campuses struggle with food inspections of their lunch rooms and campus snack stores. Requirements for commercial pest management in Griffith schools are stricter than other commercial categories due to the importance of keeping children safe and away from disease-transmitting vermin. Pest management at Griffith schools is particularly difficult at schools bordered by open grass fields teeming with wildlife including a collection of pests that use your schools as feeding grounds. These pests are happy to go behind messy children and pick up what they didn’t.

Border Pest Control provides commercial pest control to Griffith public institutions. We offer practical and comprehensive solutions performed by the best pest controllers in Griffith. Talk to our highly-skilled team who will happily provide advice for continued abatement.

Border Pest Control Has the Tools for Pest Management Around Griffith

More than a company that gets the strongest chemicals on the market to attack your campuses, Border Pest Control studies pests, the differences between their species, and hallmarks of their behavioural patterns. While all rodents are unacceptable within your campus borders, knowing if you’re dealing with mice or rats will dictate which approach for pest management is best for Griffith schools. Once we have correctly identified the species causing the infestation problems, we assess success rates for various solutions against that pest. Our goal is to provide practical, industry-leading, long-lasting solutions backed by the latest science and our combined 40+ years of pest eradication experience.

Commercial pest control in Griffith requires swift, targeted, and thorough elimination campaigns. After we listen to your concerns taking the time to understand the scope of your pest problems, we’ll come out to your site for an official observation and inspection of various pest infestations from ants and fleas to rodents of all varieties. Lastly, we’ll schedule conveniently timed treatments, set you up with annual booster treatments where applicable, and offer guidance on how to maintain a pest-free environment for your pupils.

Exceptional Systems for Commercial Pest Control in Griffith

Border Pest Control has developed an enviable reputation throughout Riverina for detecting, treating, and eliminating pests of all types. Our team of pest controllers at our Griffith location is well-versed in this area, its ecosystems, and how climate and location conditions impact pest behaviour. We use these factors to design a plan for pest management at your Griffith schools. We are locally-owned and have come together to share our passion, experience, and skill for domestic and commercial pest control with the Griffith community. We set ourselves apart by remaining industry current on the latest techniques, products, and practices for successful commercial pest management in Griffith. Fully licensed, HAPPC accredited, insured, and specially certified to work with various chemicals and brands, our pest controllers in Griffith are known for their exceptional customer care which includes after hours service and support as well as discounts for combined bookings.