Outstanding Termite and Pest Inspection, Treatment in Wagga Wagga

You’ve tried looking the other way when you noticed weird trails in the wood around your window sill that wasn’t there before, and again last week when you nearly called a fire crew to break open your unlocked front door. However, each night for the last two days your six-year-old has ended up in your bed convinced they could hear the walls moving. If this continues, the lack of sleep will begin to affect your job. Let’s face it; you need a termite inspection of your Wagga Wagga home.

Your biggest frustration is that you had an inspector for termite treatments in Wagga Wagga perform a treatment less than a year ago who must not have located and treated the infestation. At that time, the results of the termite inspection on your Wagga Wagga property described a small colony confined to one area with little damage assessed. The inspector had emphasised how lucky you were to catch the problem early. Surely what had been reported as a minor infestation has not turned into a pervasive problem throughout your home. As calling businesses for pest inspection out of your Wagga Wagga directory had not produced successful solutions, you ask around and learn that Border Pest Control offers superior termite treatments to the Wagga Wagga community.

Border Pest Control for Trusted and Lasting Infestation Remedies

We start by finding out what we are dealing with - while you know them as the termites destroying your home from the inside out, we know how to identify each species. Knowledgeable identification indicates the appropriate approach for treatment. We use the latest detection equipment for the least invasive termite inspections available in Wagga Wagga. Our termite treatments for Wagga Wagga homes utilise Termidor, Exterra, or Sentricon all known for their effective destruction of termite colonies.

With the potential level of damage paired with the high probability for future invasions, it’s important to keep the protection of your home up-to-date. Our customer oriented support team will discuss tips to prevent re-infestation and set you up with annual booster treatments. We are available when you need us after hours for service and support.

Exceptionally Skilled Pest Inspection for Wagga Wagga

Border Pest Control is locally owned and has been entrusted for many years to provide termite treatments to the Wagga Wagga community. Our highly-skilled team of controllers provide practical, thorough and comprehensive pest inspections throughout Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas across Riverina. We use our 40+ years of pest control experience to rid homes and commercial spaces of a wide-range of pests from nuisances such as ants to health hazards presented by termites and rodents. We are fully licensed and insured, HACCP accredited and stay industry current by continually training our team members in the latest pest eradicating techniques and products. Talk with our team about pet-friendly and ecologically low-impact solutions. Book your termite inspection in Wagga Wagga today and receive discounts on combined services. We have worked hard to build an enviable reputation for detection, treatment and lasting elimination of termites and other pests.