Buy Your New Home with Confidence: Hire Border Pest Control for a Building and Pest Inspection in Griffith

When you find your dream home, It's an exciting time. There’s a temptation in moments like these to buy the house as quickly as possible so you don't miss out. However, it’s vital to be cautious when purchasing any home, considering what could be hiding just out of sight. With a building and pest inspection in Griffith, you can learn more about your dream property and verify that it is a smart investment.

How an Inspector Can Help You Buy the Right Property

When you buy a house, you probably have a list of your ‘needs’ or ‘wants.’ These lists contain all the items or features that you might consider ‘deal makers’ or ‘deal breakers’ for a specific house. Does it have a spacious kitchen? Does it have enough bedrooms? Does it have hardwood flooring? These questions are just a few of the thoughts that might be shooting through your mind every time you walk into a house for a real estate showing.

No one wants to think about things such as termites, fleas or bed bugs when they’re hunting for their dream home. However, the fact is that you never know for sure what kind of pest problems a house might have—or may have had in the past. Who knows? There could be fleas in the carpet, or termites hiding behind the walls. The former owner might have also dealt with their termite infestation but opted not to pay for restoration and repairs.

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. You don’t want a termite infestation to be among the things you are taking responsibility for when you take ownership of a property. Hiring Border Pest Control for a building inspection in Griffith will save you from this kind of fate. We regularly provide pre-purchase inspections, thorough walkthroughs designed to identify pest problems or other faults with a property before you buy. Whether there is a cockroach problem or a structural issue that needs repairs, our inspectors can tell you before you sign a contract or pay a deposit for a house.

After our inspection, we’ll turn over our findings to you, along with photos documenting the issues. If there are no problems, you can buy with peace of mind. If there are issues that need resolving, you can either use our findings to negotiate with the seller or to walk away from a pending deal. In any case, we give you the ability to buy with confidence.

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