Superior Cockroach Control for Albury and Wodonga
German Cockroach

Light amber-brown with two dark longitudinal stripes on the pronotum. 12 to 15mm long. Commonly infests the interior of buildings, mostly in and around kitchens - domestic and commercial pantries, storerooms and other food handling areas. They are commonly found in and behind stoves, sinks, refrigerators, almost any electrical appliances. They also take harbourage in any crack or crevice at all as long as it is close to water, food and warmth. This species does not fly but is a prolific breeder.

American Cockroach

Reddish brown, pale yellow border around pronotum. Wings completely cover the abdomen. 35 to 40mm long. Often found in subfloors, sewers, grease traps, wall voids, cellars, roof voids, in and around refuse tips. May be a concern around hospitals, bakeries, food stores, warehouses and other foods handling establishments. Flies in warm weather and often travels for food.

Brown-banded Cockroach

Pale brown with very pale bands across the thorax and abdomen. Female has reduced wings and male is fully winged. 10 to 14mm long. Commonly infests houses, offices and other buildings. Not restricted to kitchen areas - prefers drier areas e.g. bookcases, desks, wardrobes, around picture frames, in stored files, light fittings. Infestations are often found throughout the building. Flies when warm or disturbed.