Protect Your Investment with an Annual Building and Pest Inspection in Albury Wodonga

Your property is one of your most valuable assets. Taking steps to protect it from pests over time will not only save you money in avoidable repairs but will also preserve the property value. At Border Pest Control, we can help by providing annual building and pest inspections in Albury Wodonga.

Why Choose Border Pest Control?

When it comes to identifying pest infestations, you can’t do better than Border Pest Control. Our inspectors boast a combined 50+ years of experience in spotting signs of pests, locating pest infestations and eradicating them. We are also committed to staying up to date on the newest technology and the latest processes defining our industry. Every inspector is required to work through an ongoing training programme. This programme ensures that we are always using the safest and most effective chemicals to treat infestations.
For all these reasons, our clients trust us to stave off pest infestations or to deal with invasions that are already underway. By working out a schedule for annual building inspections in Albury Wodonga, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are always taking steps to protect your property. Ideally, we will be able to give your home or business a clean bill of health every year. If we do spot signs of a pest issue, though, hopefully, the regularity of our inspections at your property will mean that we find it early. From there, we will swiftly develop a plan to eliminate the infestation with minimal disruption to your day to day life.
While we advertise ourselves mostly as termite inspectors, our building and pest inspections in Albury Wodonga will look for any pest. From spiders to rodents and bed bugs to bees or wasps, we know what to look for with various types of common pests. Our in-depth knowledge and experience also mean that we know how to treat all these different pest issues. With us, you will never have to call a different company for an eradication strategy.

Call Border Best Control for Your Annual Building Inspection in Albury Wodonga

Annual building inspections for your home or business are always worth the investment. At a minimum, a yearly inspection plan with Border Pest Control will give you the peace of mind that your building is in good shape, with no existing pest problems. In other situations, our inspections might help you catch a pest issue before it causes too much damage, thereby saving you a lot of headache and much money in repairs. Either way, working with us annually to protect your property will deliver benefits no matter what.
Are you interested in learning more about our business or speaking with one of our inspectors in person? Call Border Pest Control today to start a conversation about your annual property inspection plan.

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