Termites – The clever engineers!

Termites – The clever engineers!

Termites - the clever engineers!

Termites, sometimes called White Ants are fantastic engineers and can consume lots of timber without compromising the structural integrity of your home.  This is a defensive technique as once a piece of timber is broken the termites are exposed to enemy’s like black ants, birds and lizards.  Because of this, Termites can cause significant damage before it becomes obvious.  Once in your house, Termites spread out and may feed at multiple sites throughout your home.


If you have a concrete slab and think your home is safe, the bad news is you’re not, and in fact your slab makes conditions more favourable to Termites!  Rain will always soak its way under any building.  A properly ventilated sub floor allows this moisture to dry off but the drying process under a slab is much slower. Termites need moisture near the feeding site so if they are close by; they can detect the moisture under a slab and will move toward this resource.   Many homes have termite barriers which won’t resist constant probing by termites .


So….what can you do?    Really the best way to ensure your home doesn’t suffer extensive damage is to have regular (annual is sufficient) Termite Inspections.   Termites are difficult to detect during the early stages of an attack.  An annual inspection will ensure any damage to your home is limited. 


Ensure you employ a reputable Pest Controller for this work.   Ensure your Pest Controller is licenced and that you will received a detailed inspection report.  


At Border Pest Control, our people have over 40 years of combined experience studying Termites and providing inspections and treatments for homes which have been targeted by them.  If you live within the Albury / Wodonga districts, or Griffith and surrounding areas, we can help you.