Fleas - Before & After A Service

Fleas - Before & After A Service

What to do before a flea service

  • Remove all toys/items on the floor;
  • Flea treats pets at the time of service;
  • Hot wash all bed bedding at the time of service;
  • Vacuum carpet and furniture crevices prior to service;
  • Mow lawns short to destroy eggs; and
  • Prepare to leave the house for two hours.

What to do after a flea service

  • Maintain low lawns as sunlight kills flea eggs; and
  • Do not vacuum for a week following treatment. When you do vacuum, place the bag or empty vacuum straight into the bin. 

Please note: It is normal to see fleas for one week after treatment as the eggs hatch. If you still see them after a week, give us a call. 

Extra info

Fleas lay eggs that no treatment can penetrate. Fleas must hatch and encounter the dried treatment before they will die. Therefore, you will still see fleas for a short time after the service.

Flea eggs often wait to detect a host before they hatch, sometimes this can be many weeks. Please not avoid the area we have treated as you need these eggs to hatch for them to die. 

10 fleas can become 250,000 in only thirty days, so be sure to get on top of them the next time they appear on your pets.