Cockroaches - Before & After A Service

Cockroaches - Before & After A Service

What to do before a cockroach service

  • Put away all clean dishes;
  • Cover/remove all edible items (i.e. fruit bowls);
  • Clean floors and kitchen surfaces;
  • Remove all toys from treatment areas;
  • Remove pets & their bowls. Cover fish tanks/bowls; and
  • Prepare to leave the house for two hours.

What to do after a cockroach service

  • Do not clean floors for at least a week after treatment; and
  • If you see cockroaches two weeks after the treatment, give us a call.

Please note: You will see more cockroaches for the first week following the treatment. This is the chemicals taking affect.
Note: Garden cockroaches are much more common than German cockroaches in the Albury Wodonga areas. If you would like to determine which species you have, please text/email us through a photograph for a free identification.