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Termite Types - Species and Termite Control

Coptotermes sp

Subterranean termite occurring Australia wide. Identification of soldier caste can be assisted by size, nesting habits and region of species occurrence. All species of this genus have mandibles present and produce a milky latex material called "exudate" from a pore on the head called a "fontanelle" Workings can be hard mud packing, often a lighter colour than surrounding soil Some species will form sub nests within buildings but the Queen is not mobile. Colonies of this genus are large.  

Coptotermes acinaciformis

Occurring Australia wide In tropical regions they will form mound nests. In southern states they will usualy nest in tree hollows. Can be identified from soldier caste and workings Length 5.8 0.8mm. Will form small sub-colonies in buildings and will use mud to seal themselves in workings.  

Coptotermes frenchi

Mostly occurring in eastern States and South Australia Mature soldiers and workers smaller than Coptotermes acinaciformis Length 4.60 0.6mm Colonies in trees have no mud pack above nest. Will evacuate high timber workings during hot/dry periods
Sub nests in buildings also form mud pack. A major pest species around Canberra

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