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Signs you Have Termites

What to look for if you suspect you have termites in your home.

Termite damage is hard to detect, it takes an expert to be sure.
Does the paint work appear "bubbly" and depresses easily if you apply some pressure using your finger?
Is there unexpained "mud tracks" around a door or window frame?
Has the varnish on your floor boards discoloured, and appear "bubbly"?
Here are 7 signs of termites that you might have these unwanted guests living in your home:
A clicking noise. Not yours, but the termite soldiers! ...
Flying termites. ...
White Ants. ...
Papery or hollow sounding timber. ...
Tight fitting doors or hard-to-open windows. ...
Track marks in wood. ...
Mud Packing - Termite Droppings.

If you have answered yes, to any of the above, call for an inspection today.


Don't under any circumstace, break open a termite suspected wall, door frame or skirting, and spray fly spray! This will not help but only make matters worse. Instead of reaching for the spray can, reach for the phone and call us for a professional opinon...... 0428 331 383
DIY Termite Control - Very rearly works. it is always better to hire a professional, its not always what you use but how you use it.

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