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Border Pest Control - Commercial Pest Control - Cockroaches - Mice - Rats and all other Pests!

Border Pest Control does the job AND the paper work.

Our regular inspection and treatment of commercial premise is backed by full documentation and compliance paper work.
From the smallest food premises to the largest commercial operation a regular Border Pest Control service means clean premises backed by the paper-work to support any audit system.

With Border Pest Control the job's done right and you can prove it.


Rodents are often present long before they are noticed. They look for quiet places to nest in, such as wall and roof voids, sheds and piles of rubbish. Baiting is only part of an effective rodent management program.

Your technician may advise you of areas that should be
cleaned-up and entry points sealed.

Please follow this advice to reduce the potential of rodents being attracted to your property.

Maintenance should include sanitation - a general tidy up including mowing, especially around nearby water sources, and the removal of food, water and harbourages is quite effective.


Our pest management technician may apply a residual spray to surfaces where flies are likely to rest. The residual life of most sprays for fly management is up to three months. If small flies (drain flies) are present the technician may ask you to have the drains physically cleaned and then treat them with a microbial spray. Your technician may also place fly lights or other forms of fly management at your premises. Lights placed higher than 2m will catch moths but not flies. NOTE: there are two types of fly lights - glue boards and electrocutors. Electrocutors blast insect parts into the air where they can drift onto food. Never use electrocutors near food. Glue boards will catch and hold insects and are much more suitable in internal areas. Wind currents (fans) can deter flies in al fresco dining areas.


The German cockroach is a very common pest in food premises; it thrives in areas that provide shelter, warmth, food and water. It reaches maturity in as little as 40 days and each egg case contains 30-40 eggs. The cockroach is the hardest pest to deal with in a kitchen and will require a trained technician to control successfully. They congregate in areas, brought together by an aggregation pheromone. Our technicians will identify these harbourages to achieve a successful outcome.


The best way to avoid an infestation is stock rotation. If pests are found remove that stock immediately. Pheromone traps should be used to give early warning of any infestation. 
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