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Rats and Mice are often present in small numbers and can go unnoticed. However, with environmental changes Rodent populations can increase rapidly, and a commercial environment or domestic residence is the perfect breeding place for rodents to increase in numbers quickly due to the abundance of food, shelter and warmth.

Managing a rodent infestation is not as simple as most would think. Laying traps and bait can be done by anyone, so why should you employ a professional?
The keys to managing a successful rodent control campaign, include the inspection and identification of the problem species. If a site has a rat problem, are the rats Roof Rats or Norway Rats?

The treatment for either species is very different. As both have different, nesting and eating routines making the treatment for each specific to species. Not only this, rats particularly more so than mice are incredibly neophobic. Neophobia is where a rat or mouse will have the instinct to avoid an unfamiliar object or situation. Understanding these types of characteristics is imperative to rodent control of any kind.

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Our team of fully trained and qualified pest control technicians, understand these characteristics and can implement a treatment plan specific to each site and species of rodent to gain maximum control. We work with all of our customers directly to achieve a zero-tolerance policy for any commercial or domestic site, food processing or factory facility.

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