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Rats - Rodent Treatment & Control

Rats - The Problem

Rats are known carriers of pathogens and can readily spread various dieseases to both pets and humans. Some diseases are asthma and food poisoning.
Rats constantly chew through cables, furniture, books, and other belongings causing damage to many items.
If left unchecked they can infest houses sheds and garages with large populations in a very short space in time.

Personal Safety is paramount when dealing with rodent infestations.
wearing gloves when picking up dead animals, handling bait stations and handling any type of bait, are just a few reasons why you should use a professional pest manager, rather than DIY.

Rats - Solutions

A thorough inspection by our licensed tecnichians is the first step in solving any rodent problem.
The solutions we offer include baiting, traping, and exclusion.
We have a range of comercial baits that reduce secondary poisoning risks, and we can set traps where they can not hurt non target animals.
Regular inspections and treatment is the only way to prevent rodents from over populating domestic and commercial premisies.

Important Note:
Disinfect if sweeping droppings and be certain to wet the area first with a commercial disinfectant spray or a water/household bleach solution. hygiene is the key to reducing the risk of spreading disease, rodent droppings carry as many pathogens as the host.

6 Keys to Successful Rodent Control

1. Choose the right product for the job.
Your choice of rodent control product depends on:
The rodent speciesThe extent of the infestationSensitivity of the environment - are children or pets present??2. Place bait or traps where rodents travel
Place baits and traps where rodents will encounter them!
Remember: Rodents are great climbers and may be moving along beams and pipes at height.

3. Proper number of bait or trap placements
Underestimating the population size is the most common cause of failure.

4. Read the product label.
The Label is the Law

5. Use tamper resistant bait stations wherever possible.
Safety should be first, last and always!

6. Eliminate the Rodents' food, water and harbourage wherever possible.
Apply rodent-proofing measures such as closing holes in exterior & interior walls after eradication of the infestation. Remove the rodents' source of food and water. Store food in sealed containers. This inculdes bird seed, dog food etc.

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