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Mosquitos - Disease, Control and What you can do!


Mosquitoes are responsible for several blood bourne diseases.
These are known as ARBOVIRUSES - (ARthropod-BOrne).
Mosquitos are arthropods, and can carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

Symptoms can include but are not limited to fever, headache, joint pain, rash and fatigue. Symptoms generally occur 3 to 10 days after a bite.

Mosquito Control Albury Wodonga & Surrounds

Unique Australian Borne Viruses

Ross River Virus - RRV

Ross River Virus is found in all states and territories with about 4,400 cases each year since 1992.

There were 9,536 RRV infections recorded in 2015. The last peak of RRV was noted in 1996 with 7,768 infections documented

Barmah Forest Virus - BFV

Barmah Forest Virus is carried by a wide variety of mosquito speices, and can overlap with a Ross River Virus host Mosquito.

There were 628 cases of BFV reported in 2015.

Murray Valley Encephalitis - MVE

The first outbreak of Murray Valley Encephalitis, was recorded in 1917. Further outbeaks were the recorded in 1922 and 1925.

In Mooroopuna Victoria, 45 cases were documented in 1951, of these 45 cases 42% were fatal. There was then minor outbreaks in 1956 after that the disease seemed to have disappeared. Until the 1974 floods where there were 2 cases of MVE and 1 case of Kunjin.

Pest Management Options

Pest Managment for Mosquitoes, is fairly straight forward.

A general pest management program should be put in place, at Border Pest Control we have a variety of Mosquito control methods.

First we Inspect the site, if you have a septic tank or grey water pit we have a safe chemical solution for these areas.

Most general pest control treatments will help reduce Mosquitio numbers, once they come in contact with a chemical barrier, however as Mosquitoes are a flying insect it is sometimes easier to treat the source of a hatching site i.e. bird bath or water feature as we can kill the larvae at the source.

Common Areas Mosquitoes Breed in the Back Yard & WHAT YOU CAN DO

All Mosquitoes require water to survive and breed in.

Therefore removing or controlling a breeding site is a great non chemical treatment for the control of Mosquitoes.

Examples of areas where mosquitoes can harbour, can include the following.
Bird Baths Buckets, including pet water bowls Uncovered Boats/kayaks Tyres and Tyre swings Pot Plants Water Features Roof Guttering Rain water tanksBy draining these once a week and wiping out with a cloth, then disposing of that cloth you can signficantly reduce your mosquito numbers, and therefore prevent the spred of disease.

NOTE* Do Not rinse your cloth as you will add mosquito larvae to your drain.

You can also implemnt more permanent stratagies, such as drilling holes in the bottom of tyre swings to prevent the collection of water in that area.

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