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Mice - Rodent Control & Treatment

Mice -The Problem

Mice are major contaminators of food sources, they cause major destruction to property.

Mice and mouse droppings are not the thing you want your customers noticing about you.

Mice carry germs and disease and are able to spread disease to house hold pets and humans.

Mice are generally present through out the year - you need a proactive approach as they are a potential problem during most seasons.

Mice - Solutions

Our technicians focus on actively baiting, trapping and excluding them all year round.Baiting and monitoring is key to redicing the risk of infestation. If you wait until you see one, you are leaving it too late.

Mice - what can the home owner do

Store pet food in a sealed containerMaintain a vegetation free zone around the perimetre of the home.check door and window seals annually, If you can put a pencil in a hole, its big enough for a mouse to enter.Store food items in sealled containersRemove garbage or other habourage items

More rodent infrormation.
Some properties are invaded in autumn every year as rats and mice seek shelter in cooler weather. Others may be invaded when nearby areas are developed. If you are aware of a potential influx, contact your Pest Manager to introduce a programme before the event.Pet food is a major attraction for rodents. Ensure that all pet food is never left outside overnight and by storing in metal containers.The house should be inspected for potential entry points, concentrating on gaps in the wall, such as weep holes, doors and windows and penetrations for plumbing and electrical services.Trim all tree branches away from the house. Remove ivy and trellises from walls.Do not store timber or debris adjacent to the house.Repair leaky taps and remove other water sources.Rodents develop territories and have a social hierarchy. Not all will have equal access to baits. The most dominant and aggressive individuals tend to be the oldest and largest male members of the colony. Treatment programmes must be designed to control the colony, rather than a few individuals.An adult house mouse produces 50 to 100 droppings and up to 3,000 micro-droplets of urine per day, a rat about 40 to 50 droppings and 1.5 litres of urine per day.Rodents may die in inaccessible places such as wall cavities. Odours from dead mice are seldom a problem but rats, because of their larger body weight may cause a problem. Your Pest Manager may be able to find and remove the carcass or apply odour absorbing products.

mice Control and Treatment - Albury Wodonga

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