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Bed Bug Control and Treatment

Bed Bug - Information.

Bed Bugs are very difficult to detect as they are a very flat shape and can travel far into furniture and bedding.
Bed Bugs are very difficult to control. They are resistant to many chemical pesticides.

An adult Bed bug can survive for almost a year without feeding.
Bed bugs are found in many places not just beds. They are found in soft furniture like couches, along carpet edges, in curtains - Just about anywhere.

Border Pest Control - Recommend.

Home treatments do not work. Most household pesticides are very detectable to bed bugs and can spread them into new areas.
A single treatment is unlikely to succeed; we inspect and spray all affected areas first then in 7-14 days inspect and treat again.

The chemicals we use are non-detectable to any insects and leave a residue that the bugs have to come in contact with. This means that any bugs will have to come out of there hiding place and crawl through the residue before picking up a lethal dose. No chemical can rid a room of bed bugs without contacting the bug. The fact that sheets etc. are changed between guests can allow bed bugs a chemical free passage to a sleeping guest.

Bed Bugs don't have to feed every day so they won't necessarily contact the poison immediately.

Before the room is treated a thorough inspection of all furnishings is essential. Any items that can be removed, should be carefully placed somewhere with low cross contamination risk. All bedding should be washed in the hottest water possible.

The affected room should be allowed to dry properly before staff are safe to enter. The next day after a treatment, it is essential to vacuum with a crevice tool all carpet edges and known Bed Bug harbourage. We will advise at the time if we think the room should be off line until our next service.

The next service in 7-14 days will be the same over again.
We have treated badly infested properties in the past that take more than 2 treatments to be successful. It is always dependant on the particular room and infestation size.

We recommend regular inspections be carried out by us as our staff are trained to do this and understand how to inspect properly.
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