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Ant Pest Control and Treatment Albury Wodonga

Ants - Problems

Ants are a nusance in food storage and preperation areas, they have very large populations and are very mobile.

Some ant species have a very painful bite and can cause allergic reatcions in some people.

Ants can cause electrical failure as they nest in power points and electrical conduit.

Surface spraying with supermarket products will not get rid of ants, they are able to detect most sprays very easily and will simply move away until the spray has worn off.

Ants - Solutions

At border pest control we are highly trained in pest ant identification, inspection of the site and correct identification is essential to determine the best method of treatment.

Ants can be sugar or protien feeders, or in some cases both.

We have the best solution for you - our technicians can spray the ants with the latest un undetectible chemistry or apply bait that target the colony.

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