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After a Bed Bug Treatment
- What to Expect & What you can do -

Having bed bugs is no walk in the park, but once you've called in your professional pest management technician you expect it to be over. With these tenacious little parasites, however, nothing is black and white, and there may be a lot of follow-up, even additional treatments, needed before life is back to normal.

If you need to have your home treated for bed bugs, here's what to expect in the days and weeks that follow:

· There are two main ways of treating bed bugs: pesticides and bed bug heat treatment. Both treatments have numerous pros and cons, and either methods will more than likely require a follow-up treatment.

· If your Pest Management Professional used pesticides, it's unlikely that all the eggs have been killed. More bed bugs are likely to hatch one to several weeks after your treatment. You may need two or three more rounds before all bed bugs are killed.

· If pesticide was used, wait to vacuum the house until your Technician says it's a good idea.

· Linens will need to be laundered if pesticides were used. Use very hot water and drying temperatures.

· You may wish to use zip up covers on all mattresses and box springs after a bed bug treatment. These covers will prevent any newly hatched bed bugs from biting you or getting out, and will prevent surviving bed bugs from migrating back into the bed.

· Follow any directions your pest control technician gives you.

· Be careful re-introducing any belongings that were taken outside the home before the treatment. There may be stowaway bed bugs on board. Launder all clothing in high temperatures before bringing it back home, and consider discarding suitcases or bags instead of bringing them inside.

· Glue traps aren't effective at eradicating bed bugs, but they're a great way to test for surviving or newly hatched bed bugs after treatment is complete.

The most disheartening part of a bed bug infestation for many people is thinking that it's over and then seeing the bugs come back. No bed bug solution can guarantee 100% success on the first round, but a professional pest control treatment has the highest rate of success, and can kill even the eggs hidden deep inside bedding or crevices.

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