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Subfloor Venatilation

The importance of sub floor ventilation
One of the most important factors in knowing if a house is likely to be attacked by termites is how well the sub floor is ventilated. As inspectors we rarely see well ventilated sub floor as most people don't understand how vital it is. Termites love dark damp areas and use the sub floor to access the house. Rain and water from the garden will eventually soak through the soil to the subfloor and this moisture will be trapped unless ventilation carries it away. Having air moving under the house will dry any moisture from the soil making it much harder for termites to get in. Houses built pre the 1950s usually have better ventilation than more modern builds as chemical termite control did not exist, airflow and light were the only defence against termite attack.
Without light and dry air mould will soon grow in a sub floor, mouldy timbers are exactly what termites like to feed on. Termites must have moisture as they are soft and cannot take dry conditions. One of the most cost effective termite prevention methods a home owner can do is improve the ventilation in the sub floor.

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