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Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant - Camponotus spp.

3 - 14 mm Plymorhic - large and small soldier ants

Many vareties with different colours and sizes - commonly tan, red black. Distinct single Node

Carpenter ants hollow out dead, moist wood in trees, firewood and fence posts to make their nests. They can sometimes build a nest in the soil, however they are usually found in areas which have many trees and shrubs. Despite what the name suggests, Carpenter ants do not actually consume timber like termite, however they are capable of destroying timber integrtity by hollowing out. Indoors, they build colonies in wall cavities, foam insullation, eaves and crawl spaces. They often feed on insects and insects secretions(e.g. aphids and scale insects)
Carpenter ants prefers sweet foods.

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